Can you please have your nervous breakdown on your own time?

I was going to write a more detailed analysis of the final episode of "Sex in the City" ( somehow I got way off topic last night), but instead I'm going to give you a little bit of drama. This morning several of my students were missing and the rest were unfocused. I finally get them together enough to talk about the reading and what happens?

The door opens. "At exactly 9:07 this morning, I lost it." It's the Bad Buddhist. He comes in and launches a diatribe AT MY CLASS about how apathetic his class is. Finally I manage to shoo him out of room, and I keep a straight face long enough for the door to close.

As soon as it closed, I started laughing. My class, at first stunned by the presence of the Bad Buddhist, even more stunned by his ranting and utter lack of control, finally follow my lead and start laughing too. I mean I can see ranting and raving at his own class, but must he infect my class with his aggressive nuttiness?

The guy is losing it.

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