Soon Grrr Soon the Bob Will Be Ours! Posted by Hello
Woody Allen: Don't you know you are dealing with one of the best minds of your generation?
Diane Keaton: Yeah, and his isn't bad either.
It seems that some people are even less ethical than myself and are so desperate to win the BoB in the cooking/baking blog category they have suggested their readers pull out all of their emails addresses and not vote according to the rules once a day, but several times a day under different email addresses. Yet our dear Bakerina is only 23 votes away from first place. Now, she won't say it, but I know it would mean a lot to her to mine this award and win it properly so I am not recommending that any of us sully our spotless reputations by pulling out old email addresses, but certainly we could all advertise on our blogs on behalf of dear Bakerina and suggest that if our readers DO NOT go and vote for her on BoB I will be forced to send an entire pack of rabid jehovah's witness pitbulls WITH COPIES OF THE LIGHTHOUSE to their houses for a three day seminar on the evils of technology.
So vote well and vote often, tell your friends, and post on your blog.
This is my last post before I leave for Paris. Make me proud.

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