I'm Actually Writing This Blog Post While He Is Talking
So this playwright, actor, how can this guy work in the arts and be so fucking boring guy hit on me yesterday at Rohr's. An attractive guy, I gave him the benefit of the doubt since my self esteems has been eating with the dirigibles lately.

Have I ever told you never to make decisions when you are depressed?

When you are depressed ever decision you make, calling in sick for example, should be decided by a majority vote of at least 3 members of a preselected panel.

My panel called in sick. All of them.

So he is talking-attractive guy, sexy voice, personality of sawdust over Nyquil. But I give him my number because remember the panel is MIA.

Now he's been talking to me for about 30 minutes. I'm blogging this as he's talking.

Anyone want to start betting on how long this is going to last?



The Suspense is Killing Me
I think one of the things that alarms me these last few years is how many students have brought in legal excuses for missing class. I've had a female student who missed class because she was getting a restraining order against a stalker, and another who had to miss several classes due to an allegation of sexual assault. I've had students bring in documentation of criminal court appearances. But today, I think, took the cake.

I had two student presentations scheduled today. Although I tried to break the groups up evenly, I ended up with one group of students who were mainly absent. This group was scheduled to present today. Now not only did I give the groups a week extension, I made it clear that there were to be no cancellations. You simply HAD to go on the day you were scheduled.

Last night at a 11, I get an email from one of the group members saying, "The rest of the group is MIA. I haven't been able to get in contact. Can I present on my own on Friday?" I didn't receive the email till this morning. I sent him an email saying that 10 hours isn't enough of a heads up for me to deal with this kind of issue esp. since I didn't actually read the email until 8:45 twenty min. before class begins. He should have contacted me sooner as a result his entire team, which failed to show up ALL OF THEM, would receive a failing grade.

Later today I get an email from this same student explaining that he understands my point of view and asking to schedule an appt to discuss his grade. All well and good. Oh and about missing today's class? He intended to show up BUT HIS ROOMMATE GOT ARRESTED ON THE WAY TO CLASS. OK, well, that's bad, but the worst is the end in which the student assures me that I'll see it on the news!

Great just what I need a celebrity inmate student.

Is it hot in here?
As I was drafting questions for my literature course, I hit upon a question that really interests me. If you were to rewrite Dante's Inferno, how would you re-organize Hell and who would you place there? For example, is there a level for spammers? What about terrorists? What sins would you considered the mildest but still sin? Is gluttony still a sin? What about greed? Some of these sins really are no longer acknowledged (like simoniacs) what new sins take its place? Pop ups? What is the worst sin in the modern world? What figures would you use to represent these sins? Would Bill Gates end up being "bundled" for all eternity? Would Paris Hilton end up the pet of some demoniac chichuahua with three heads?

One thing I came up with is that in the seducers realm false promises would be replaced with those who break up via email, txt, im, voice mail, postcard, or radio phone in request. I'm not sure how they would be punished. Any ideas?

What does your Inferno look like?

The Rabbit of Easter. He Bring of the Chocolate.

As much as I love Easter, I could probably do without some of these items courtesy of the Oriental Trading Co.

Apparently Jesus died so that we could enjoy gummy sheep and lolli crosses.

All I'm sayin' is I'm stickin' with my Peeps.

And once more saw the stars
I have finished the Inferno just in time to watch the Oscars.

"Some of the beautiful things that Heaven bears,
Where we came forth, and once more saw the stars."

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