"I would rather have an honest conversation," he says, "than an intelligent one, wouldn't you?"

"Well since you aren't capable of either, I'm not sure why I should bother answering."

Help Me to Help You
You may think I'm all knowing, but I was challenged about a phrase last night, and I need your help readers. Which of the following two options is grammatically correct: very chosen few or chosen very few?

Oh and the image to the left has nothing to do with that question, it just happens to be courtesy of Disapproving Rabbits. Yes, pages and pages of rabbits who thoroughly and completely disapprove.

Of what I have no idea.

Great Buddha's Belly, Batman
In the Truth is Stranger than Fiction Department, David Lynch is going to try and end school violence by teaching kids how to meditate. You know, just when I thought that guy was done with wacky he goes WAAAAAAYYYYYY out there.

(For those unfamiliar with David Lynch you might want to check out his IMDB cred )

Personally I think if he really wants to eliminate school violence, he should hire Dennis Hopper to appear as a "motivational speaker" to troubled teens. Somehow I think Hopper menacing some disgruntled 15 year old with "FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK" or the even more disturbing "Baby wants to fuck" would dissuade a lot of violence. And probably also teach them to be drug free!

Through a Glass Darkly

"Do you imagine," says The Secret, "that you are the only one who doesn't feel like you belong anywhere?"

Up until that moment I was imagining that I was reclining like an odalisque.

For a moment, I realize what we have in common. Both of us trying to reinvent ourselves by using different names. Neither one of us able to find a people, a home. What it is to be truly unique.

The difference in us, of course, is Hope.

I should have stayed in bed. Kept laying there imagining that I was an odalisque.

After The Secret leaves, though, the phone rings. As I get up to answer it, I look out my window. And I see them. The two I introduced. Walking hand in hand.

What is it The Secret said to me earlier? "You have needs."

Yes, needs.

It's true I do have a need for physical affection. Not just sexual, but affection. Hugs, caresses, hair stroking, hand holding. I don't just enjoy being touched. I need it.

Sure I have needs.

But looking out that window, I know it's not just the physical affection that I need. And how long have I gone on without this other thing, love or even genuine affection? How long have I gone on with just the hope of it? And then the false hope of it? And then the remembrance of the hope of it? And now I just out the window at it. This is about as close as I am likely to get to it ever again.

I know I won't be able to go back to reclining. I will get dressed. Go back out. Flirt. Tease. Torture. And for all the smiling and hugging and kissing, it will be empty. I shall stand there on side trying to drink enough vodka to make the emptiness vanish.

There's never enough.

There's a guy at the bar-I keep him at arms length. Claims he has been watching me for months. I hope he comes in so I can ask him, what is it that he sees?

What is it that you see when you look in a glass darkly?

A couple holding hands across the street-unaware of the girl watching them from the window in tears.

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