So aside from an enjoyable 3 am jaunt in the snow, I spent the majority of the weekend on the couch evaluating student paper proposals. And when I say evaluating, I mean wondering how I can spend an entire class lecturing about an assignment, hand them a template WITH directions, which I reviewed and get so many assignments that don't bear the SLIGHTEST resemblance to what I asked for. Apparently, my students, in their infinite wisdom, have decided it's easier to ignore me in class, not read the homework, do the assignment based on whatever garbled information happens to be flitting around in that large echoing basin on the top of their necks, and then rewrite the whole damn thing because IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT I ASKED FOR!


So now I have to don my cowl and fetch my scythe and EXPLAIN how it behooves them to get it RIGHT the FIRST TIME AROUND.

Snow in NYC
There's finally a real snow fall in NYC. I just got back from walking in it. My walk was a bit short as it is 2 am, but what I love about heavy snows in NYC is that you have the streets all to yourself. Normally, walking is a drag for me-dodging mothers with SUV sized strollers, being run off the sidewalk by couples who can't walk single file for a moment, hoping my legs won't get too tired before I reach my destination-but I love to walk in the snow. In NYC, snow means the streets are empty. On my walk, I only saw about 4 people in my 25 minute stroll. I wish it wasn't so late, or I would have taken a proper stroll, but as it was I enjoyed the beautiful white quiet.

When I was a baby, my parents used to put me in the carrier and take me cross country skiing. Apparently, it always put me to sleep. I still find the snow soothing and calming.

There's a part of me that wants to go back into it. Tomorrow the sidewalks will be salted and shoveled. I won't have the satisfaction of crunching through layers of snow. There will be people rushing to work. Still, hopefully there will be snow, when I wake up. If so, I'll go to Central Park and enjoy. Perhaps I'll even make another snowbunny!

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