Crisis Management
Had a bit of a crisis on Thursday. Or rather multiple crises one of which was my new computer melting down. I'm hoping that I can ressurect it, but it couldn't come at a worse time. That's my way of saying don't expect me to say too much for the next few days. Because if I do ressurect it, I have to work like a manaic to get my coverage of NYCHFF up to speed as well as my new syllabus.

And I haven't been invited to a single Halloween party.

Not one.


The Candyman Can!
This is how I finished off NYCHFF. I don't think I have to say any more about it. Just feast your eyes upon all that spooky!

Incidentally, you can find more exclusively bunnilicious pictures with temporary captions here. You can't imagine the insanity.

No, you can't.

I will be rushing to get my reviews to Icons of Fright by Wednesday, but I will be writing about the behind scenes of the event (ie hangin' at the bar with author Jack Ketchum) here. Since Icons has a very, well, let's say generous policy about reviews (ie if you didn't like it, don't say anything) I'll be posting my more candid opinions about the movies here as well. To whet your appetite, you might want to go to my review of the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. Some of the movies that played there (The Need, The Entrance, Eddie Loves You, Grace, Penny Dreadful, The Lost) played at NYCHFF as well.

Marv became a bit of a celebrity at the event so much so that he now has his own myspace page. Posted by Picasa

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