25 Days of Unconventional Christmas Programming
So the last two years, I've had trouble with the Christmas spirit. I thought this year for the 25 days leading up to Christmas I would watch an unusual Christmas movie or tv show episode, Some of these, of course, are more conventional than others, some are a bit of reach, but they all involve the spirit of Christmas in some way so...

Today's selection was Stalled 

A janitor having the worst day of work of his life, fired for allegedly stealing toilet paper, ends up in the women's bathroom during an office Christmas party when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Featuring lesbian make outs, zombie rats, Jeff from IT (NOT Jeff from Accounts), tributes to both Evil Dead AND Thriller, plenty of gore, Christmas music, and, of course, lots and lots of zombies Stalled is entertainingly fun. It's impressive to see how engaging a movie set almost entirely in a bathroom can be. I give credit to the writer Dan Palmer who is also the main character whose name is never disclosed and referred to the credits only by W.C. (Nice touch, huh?)

So if you like zombie movies, british comedy, and a bit of both for the holiday season, enjoy Stalled. It's kind of like Shaun of the Dead with a techno version of Silent Night.

Stalled is currently available on Netflix (live streaming), iTunes, and Amazon.

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