Ezekial 25:17
Revelation Sitting in a Local Bar:

Sit in the same place long enough and not only will the whole world pass you by, but everyone who has every wronged you will show up, apologize, and attempt to buy you a drink.

Revelation in the Fourth Hour of Reading Rough Drafts for Freshmen Comp:

Someday the deep dark secret of your life will become the subject of a poorly researched, laughable executed, not even feigned interest paper by some student who will become far more successful financially, emotionally, and sexually than you can ever hope to be.

Revelation After You Take a Half Hour Break and Resume Grading:

This revelation will happen more times than you think.

Too Much to Bear
Remember when I was talking about those events that made me think that I was alive during the wrong time? Like Sept. 11th as my second day teaching? In case you haven't heard, today the worst university shooting in American history occurred. While Charles Whitman killed 13 people, today's massacre claimed the lives of 32 people.

I have absolutely no words for this. For the students who survived, the families and friends of those who were killed, for the family of the shooter, for any student who was on campus, for the students and staff members who were supposed to be on campus and weren't for whatever reason, for the 911 operators and police officers and emergency response workers. For anyone even vaguely connected with this. My thoughts are with all of you. That's all I can think to say.

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