Hot Bunni On Cat Action
So my comments field looks about as populated as an old Avengers episode (sparse but appealing), and my numbers keep going down. Unfortunately because my cat continues to be ill I don't have the time to write a Real Post.

I was taking a hiatus from horror films this week (well except for Cannibal Holocaust) watched Curse of the WereRabbit instead. And I thought, "This is what the world needs more of."

Bunnies. On Film. Lots of 'Em.

And so, this weekend you can enjoy my own improptu Bunny Film Festival. Today I am featuring home videos courtesy of You Tube.

Kitty VS Bunny: In the spirit of Jason VS Freddy, Godzilla VS Mothra, and Jesus VS Satan, the fate of universe hangs in the balance as these two battle for the Cutest Animal Ever.

Bunny Chase: I had to admit this video started off slower than Waiting for Godot and had less action than My Dinner With Andre, but actually it is a very moving tale about one bunny's quest for independence. This is perhaps one of the greatest symbolic pieces of cinema involving a rabbit since Harvey.

Lapinous: I have to I think this really deserves like the equivalent of the Bunni Cannes Film Festival Carrot D'Or Award of Achievement. If you watch no other film about bunnies this year, watch this one.

Bunny Cam:Our tribute to Cinema Verite. It's three minutes of baby bunnies hopping around. No jump cuts. No music. No special effects. No plot. But damn, it's still really cute.

Baby Bunnies: Ever wonder what I look like after a night of heavy drinking? Watch this clip and find out.

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit: From the "These people have way too much free time, but I love them anyway" department, a blue grass-y music video with, yes, lots and lots of rabbits.

Tune in tomorrow when I present Bunni Themed Drinking Games. (No Joke.)

Laugh and the World Laughs...
I will never think of that line the same way again after watching Oldboy.

Well in an attempt to distract myself from my cat's woes (she still doesn't feel great, although she is quieter tonight) I am going to post some hi-larity courtesy of the good folks at Metafilter.

Some of you know my favorite scene in Shane, when Jack Palance throws the gun at the sheepherder's feet. You know the "You all saw him, he had a gun" scene.

Well if I had the chance to reshoot that scene first off I would cast Gary Oldman in the Jack Palance role. (Hey nobody does evil like Gary. That man can sit on my lap and hold my beer any damn time he wants.) But I would have the sheepherder pick up this lovely Hello Kitty gun.

Now if those bastards made a My Melody
hand grenade I'd remake Rambo.

And now off to bed. Last night what little sleep I got was undercut by the fact that David Cronenberg was apparently guest directing my subconscious. I kept having horrible dreams about my cat having seizures, but they were so vivid, tactile, and real that even after I woke up I didn't really believe that it hadn't happened. I kept thinking I had to wrap her in a towel and run with her to the vet, but then I'd realize she was asleep at the foot of the bed.

Hopefully tonight I'll sleep without the aid of chemical restraints.

Mommie Dearest
Had to take my cat back to the vet today. Don't even ask. I'm back on the alcohol and advil PM diet. Thank g-d I don't have kids because they'd have to invent a whole new class of horrible parent. Last night I was up with her at five in the morning. I called the vet ER and they said to just wait for the results of tests. I went back to sleep. This morning I got some of the test results back but not all of them. They say I can bring her in at five, but really they've done everything they can so far. She's been x-rayed (no tumors). She's had blood work and urinalysis. The vet seems not to be concerned, but she's still acting off. I keep telling myself I'm doing the right thing waiting to see if she's OK.


Where did I put the advil again?

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