My Plans for This Weekend

"I exhausted myself in depravity, in the pusuit of unholy curiousity" -St Augustine Confessions

It just sound so much better than "Use some poor rube from NJ and then throw him away like a Big Mac wrapper. Just to prove that I still can."

Bakerina Rides Again
The other day I was chatting with Bakerina about my now second date (it wasn't supposed to go past one) with an idiot from NJ. Because even though I can't torture The Idiot in NJ, I can still torture an idiot NJ. And sometimes that is enough.

I was drafting my break up speech with the aformentioned idiot (yes he is so enthralled that after one dinner date and barely a kiss he will require a break up) and I gave Bake the old "It's not you, it's me." And without missing a beat she added, "Not wanting to see you."

Say it with signage
I was in Knit NYC and had to visit the ladies room. Once I locked the door, I noticed the soap dispenser had a sign on it that said, "I am broken."

You know live in NYC when even the broken appliances are poignant.

Here are your choices
So I had an ordinary date the other night. The type of date where if I was an ordinary girl, I would pleased. No Elvis impersonators. No rushing off mid evening never to return again. No disclosure of major mental illnesses. Just dinner and one drink. No pressure.

He was enthralled.

I am not.

I have discovered that while it is fine to be an ordinary guy, if you are tormented and want to be my love interest y0ur torment must be original. I don't want any of this pedestrian "I had an unhappy childhood which is why I am an underachiever" torment. If you must be tormented, then it has to be interesting. Christ I spent a year as a child terrified by demonic possession and then when I got over that it was spontaneous human combustion. And I was just kid. A little effort people a little effort.

So love interests take heed-you can be either a completely ordinary not tormented guy or a tormented, but in a really interesting and original way guy.

Anyone on why we might be fucked up as a country?
-Bill Hicks

One of the headlines in today's AM NY, reads, "Reactors not terror proof Regulators: Plants can't stop attacks."

Now I have always been flummoxed by newspapers that give two headlines, a BIG BOLD and then a slightly less bold headline to article. And the whole colon issue also. I worked at the Register Star a newspaper that once ran as its top story, "Puppies: Six dogs die in barn fire."

But what I really like is "Plants can't stop attacks." Really, have tried the Audrey II yet? I hear that plant has a mean upper cut.

I have to say there is just no way to take that article seriously.

Some wisdom from St Augustine

Don't worry. I'm not getting religion. That doesn't mean I can't read religious works, like the Confessions, which I have been teaching and get something out of it. (Especially since it was the last autobiography to be written for about 900 years.)

"Or is weeping, too, a bitter thing, becoming a pleasure only when the things we once enjoyed turn loathsome and only as long as our dislike for them remains?"

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