New Rule
Don't ask, but just for the record you are never allowed to casually tell your mother about having oral sex in a bathroom.

Perceptual Distortion
Big Bad has started reading the blog since we returned from Maine and is very pleased with the blog as well as his portrayal here. A few weeks ago he was at our local and a bit buzzed when he started telling the other bar denizens that I have "one of the most popular blogs in New York."

Eurotrash, Alarming News, and Smitten (see my sidebar) often get more comments than I get hits in a single day. There are toilets in Grand Central that are more popular than this blog.

Just sayin'.

And incidentally I've only raised 110 dollars for blogathon with my blogs combined. Last year I raised 700 dollars with one blog. Let's see if we can at least do that another year in a row.

What you can do:
Send emails to all your friends telling them about the upcoming fabulousness. Tell them that if they do not donate that the following year they will get coal in their stockings, their significant others will break up with them, and I will sprinkle cat pee in their Prada shoes.

Even if you can't give money, any money, at all, a penny even, you can harass people who might have cash to do what they can. If you know other bloggers or people who maintain websites get them to put up info on their site. And get those people to tell people.

Apologies on the lack of bloggage, but you know I'm of Irish and German descent which means I should be in an ice cave somewhere drinking a beer not dealing with this kind of heat. I think I fried my brain and not the fun way.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a little something. You may have noticed it's been a while since I was proposed to. I thought I was slipping until Captain Ron decided that he is going to marry me in three years time. He is, first, going to "clean up." He already has a house and is going to buy a car. He has promised me a maid although "we won't be able to afford servants." In exchange I have agreed to marry him barefoot on a hill with Bob Seeger playing in the background.

Of course, Captain Ron has a habit of forgetting what he said ten minutes ago (hence he repeats stories over and over and over again) still it's nice that somebody asked.

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