"Our Failure to Segregate Morons"
I was helping a student edit her paper and I cam across the above quotation, which was not written by the student, but instead taken from Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. I couldn't stop laughing because honestly I think that accurately characterizes a huge amount of what is wrong with America. I work with academics in a fairly highly ranked university, yet I had to inform one of my co-workers that you shouldn't give maple syrup to a diabetic and another co worker that Milan and Rome were not close together (she had booked a hotel in Rome and then booked a flight to Milan thinking that "they were so close, I would fly into Milan and just take a cab to Rome").
"I don't object to Willy being G-d. I just wish I knew which member of the trinity he was going to be."-Democracy
" Son: Mum, I woke up this morning and there were lincoln logs in me sock drawer.
Mother: That's the story of Jesus." -Bill Hicks
On a high note, one of my students gave a powerpoint presentation, which concluded with special thanks to Jesus, the Freshmaker and myself. I never thought I would share billing with Jesus.

Bunni's 30th Birthday Bar Crawl
I am sure that I will live to regret this, but I am posting an invite to my thirty birthday bar crawl here so for those of you would like the honor of the priviledge of seeing Bunni and joining me in wacky birthday hijinx, you may.
The Plan
The birthday bar crawl will be starting on Friday December 17th at around 10 o'clock at Auction House. (There is no sign on the outside of the bar, so be sure to copy down the address.) The plan is to hit a few places probably including Brandy's Piano Bar, Trinity Bar, and perhaps Doc. Watson's for the fries with curry sauce and malted vinegar.
Since I will be turning thirty, I will be dragging this event out for about four days (the 20th being my real birthday for those of you who are traditionalists). Any excuse to bring back some of that good ole fashion Roman decadence. To contribute to the total ambiance, I will be inviting every living being I know ( except my students-who I only rarely consider above plant life).
As few bloggers have met me in person, how will you all know me? Again I am 4 foot six inches with red hair and giant hooters. How many of us can there possibly be in one bar? Not many. We have strict union rules about that kind of thing. So just look for the crazy little red head with the martini. If I am feeling really imperial, I might even wear my laurel wreath.
So mark it on your calendar, take your disco naps, and prepare for total drunken debauchery!

My Office Should be Surrounded by Caustion Tape
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The more time goes on, the fewer grad schools I am applying to. I started with only five, and now I am down to 3. By next week, maybe only the one. If you are concerned about the low number of places I am applying to, don't be. For undergrad I applied to three schools, I only got into one for my proposed major. For grad, I applied to 3 schools. I got into 2. So now I am applying to three schools. We are hoping the odds will remain with us despite how some of my well meaning friends have been trying to help me.
For example, Bunni has a rare moment of positive thinking.
Bunni: According to most of the grad admission people, most of the students are younger and just from college. My writing sample will be much better than that, so I have hope.
Well Meaning Friend: Yeah. but you are going to be up against some people who will already have one or maybe two or three graduate degrees.
And then people say "Why are you so HARD on yourself?" Because on the few occassions I demonstrate something vaguely ressembling positive thinking, people decide suddenly and without warning to take on my cycnical attitude. Perhaps they are merely trying to keep the balance in the universe or maybe they simply want me to positive so they may have the pleasure of shooting me down.

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