"Our Failure to Segregate Morons"
I was helping a student edit her paper and I cam across the above quotation, which was not written by the student, but instead taken from Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. I couldn't stop laughing because honestly I think that accurately characterizes a huge amount of what is wrong with America. I work with academics in a fairly highly ranked university, yet I had to inform one of my co-workers that you shouldn't give maple syrup to a diabetic and another co worker that Milan and Rome were not close together (she had booked a hotel in Rome and then booked a flight to Milan thinking that "they were so close, I would fly into Milan and just take a cab to Rome").
"I don't object to Willy being G-d. I just wish I knew which member of the trinity he was going to be."-Democracy
" Son: Mum, I woke up this morning and there were lincoln logs in me sock drawer.
Mother: That's the story of Jesus." -Bill Hicks
On a high note, one of my students gave a powerpoint presentation, which concluded with special thanks to Jesus, the Freshmaker and myself. I never thought I would share billing with Jesus.

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