Well, I should be, and will be, working on completing my second draft of the writing sample for grad school today, but just a moment here so ya all don't think that I spend every day of the year being a snarling self obsessed hell beast.
I'm thankful that:
that I really do have one of the best mother's ever. Understanding, sympathic, beautiful, energetic. OK she doesn't really live on this planet all the time, but this I can forgive.
that I actually have friends who put up with me while I go through grad. app. hell
that my students often say "it's not that we don't like you, it's just that we don't like the class"
that I live in a place where I can pretty much get gummi bears whenever the hell I want
that I don't live in a place where the bars have video poker built into them
that I am able to afford my staggering book habit
that I was raised by parents who believed that knowledge was more valuable than money
that I have a cat who is one of the most emotionally needy animals on the planet
that I have a date this weekend
that there are people who call me when they haven't heard from me in two days
that some of my friends have already started X-mas/birthday shopping for me
that I still look damn fine in a pair of jeans and a black sweater
that my relatives won't be staying more than a day
that I only go to PA once a year
that people actually come to this blog and read it
that if all goes well I will be getting a massage this weekend
that there are jalapeno with tequila and lime kettle chips in the kitchen right now
that there is wine decanting
that I have not yet casually rammed a meat thermometer into the neck of my aunt
....must go refuel for the the second draft of the paper....
Have a Happy Thanksgiving

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