A Colander of Disappointment Posted by Hello
It seems that the title of my post about Finding Neverland was strangely prophetic.I have to say I didn't honestly believe the election was going to turn out this way. I spent tuesday night watching election returns at F's. I started doing shots around midnight. Needless to say, I didn't go to work on wednesday. I just couldn't face my class. My class today was furious, which I suppose gives me some hope for the next presidental election in four years. It has also convinced me to fill out grad application from schools abroad.
There are few moments in this life which have taken my sense of humor from me. This election has been one of them. I am reminded of a comment Caligula made once, "I wish all you Romans had only one neck." And when I start quoting Caligula as the voice of reason, (the same guy who subsidized his government with prostitution and ebay like sales of his mother's furniture) you know trouble is a foot.
Machiavelli in his famous discourse "The Prince" wrote that the Prince must capture the spirit of his time. For all of my students mockery of Bush, their awareness of international issues, domestic policy, and basic grammar is on a par with his. Bush in terms of his literacy is an accurate representation of the average American, but I shudder to think of him as representative of the beliefs of the American people. A constitutional ban on homosexual marriages? How on earth does one possibly defend that choice? Even Cheney couldn't during the debates.
Of course, I will recover. I will slowly scale the wall back to "well this sucks so why not have a sarcastic laugh at it all?" but until then I will have to settle for cupcakes and tea with one of my favorite bloggers while I work on my statement of purpose.
And then I shall return to work on my plan for world domination. My campaign motto (taken I believe from Tiberius): "The people can hate me as long as they fear me."

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