"And say my last good-bye to hair white as snow and her pale blue eyes...and me at the wheel of a car actually prayed, not to G-d above, but to you, waiting for me in your dress of blue." Until the End of the World by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (check out archives for link)

Bunni Freaks Out

OK Bad Bunni is leaving on friday for a ten day fun filled sun drenched vacation. A friend of mine is looking after the apartment and has asked to crash along with his friend at my place. I have no problem with that. But now I have to make sure my apartment is much cleaner than I was going to leave it (fresh towels, two sets of clean sheets-some nice drinks in the fridge). My apartment used to be incredibly clean and organized, and then the twit left and now it just seems impossible to keep clean. But I am not going to talk about that right now. So on top of having to pack and having all this extra cleaning and the fact I freak out about traveling to begin with and then to add to this I am going to be seeing a friend I haven't seen in seven years. So I am freaking out. And I have a date tomorrow night and thursday night, not with the same guy and not with any guy I've mentioned here before. If only I could get MORE than a first date. It would make life a little easier.

So basically what I'm trying to say is that I am not going to be blogging while on vacation. Sorry, but thems the breaks. And from the way things are going, I'm not going to be blogging this week either. So I'll be seeing you June 17th. And until then remember what a good friend of mine said when I was in the middle of a mental breakdown:

"Well at least now you know you can never be less well adjusted than you are right now."

The NYC Erotic Art Fair 2003

I volunteered last year, and I had such a good time I volunteered again and this time I brought my good friend JP Walt. Last year, I was "artistic relief" which does not mean what you think it means. All it means is if an artist needs to take a break, I take his or her place in order to give information (last year I even sold two paintings). Last year people kept thinking I was the artist. At one point I was standing in the booth of Cowboy Bob, a big texan looking fella with leather chaps and a matching hat-no shirt. Shirts are optional at the erotic art fair. There are even live nude models! One of the nude models even came on stage. I missed it. The one minute I was in the garden and my friend JP Walt came running out saying "He came and you missed it. There was cum all over the stage!" Now that is a charity event worth going to. Cowboy Bob's specialty were these black sculptures of giant cocks that looked like they were made with tar. So there I am surrounded by all these giant tar phalluses (phalli?) and a big sign that says Cowboy Bob and people would walk up and say "Are you the artist?" Do I look like a Cowboy Bob to you? Hmmmmmm?

But there is a lot of great art to be had there. And now I am going to endorse some of my faves from the evening. There is Albert Crudo, a very sweet guy who has done some great erotic art with vintage G.I. Joe, Barbie, and Ken Dolls. Steven J. King (no not that Steven King), who is another great guy (he said I was precious! I think I need a t-shirt that says "I am precious!") who, among other things, has done some very naughty things with some harden plastic-which allows him to switch phallus "I can make them switch between erect and limp" (apparently sculpie when baked at 250 degrees comes out with a plastic finish) and I quote "The velcro doubles as pubic hair." Yet another use for velcro people, take note.

Carolyn Weltman, from whom I bought two water colors last year, was back again, this time with the prestigious Erotic Art Award for 2002. Steven Speliotis was offering signed copies of his book and had some great photographs. Ross Johnston offers collages with a sense of humor (My personl favorite was "My First Porno.")

For those interested in other events, there is also the "The Kiss" a gay and lesbian photo biennial which will be running at the Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation until June 28th.

Six Feet Under Season Finale-Do Not Read If You Missed Tonight's Episode

Ok it disturbs me that it has gotten to a point where my cat curls up next to me watch Six Feet Under. And it disturbs me that I ponder my cat so much. She kept me awake last night by jumping over my head. In two years she still hasn't figured out that she can not lie directly on my face. I'm not sure what about this escapes her. Well I suppose there are worse ways to die than being smothered while asleep by an overaffectionate cat.

For fans, I have to say where did bren's family go? What the hell happened to Russell? Or Olivier for that matter? Did we really have to know explicitly that L. is dead?

I did like Claire hysterically sobbing at the wedding and I did like the ghost of the father on the floor crying. So basically the crying was in. The rest of the episode, a little too neat.

Friday Night Date

I have received some complaints about the lack of detail. well I don't have the energy to write more about it, you damn voyeurs. Rest assured I will blog about it at some point.

Mean Streak

Alright never let me said that I am not self aware. I've got a mean streak, as you have seen, it comes out here more than other places since I have difficulty with confrontational anger.

So I read this email over the phone to my friend Jin I got from the disgruntled former date after he happened upon my blog. And the more I read it, the more angry I got and the more I thought I should write a more detailed response. So here are highlights and commentary:

So I punched into yahoo the title of the article "Dating a Blogger" looking for this one link to a site therein. So lo and behold, my eye catches something that I probably should have avoided

Well I did my own search on yahoo for that very same article and Bunniblog didn't come up in the First one Hundred Results. We here at Bunniblog believe very strongly in research. So if you were looking for my blog, after I specifically and pointedly told you that I didn't want to give you the address, it's your own damn fault.

I thought you were "NOT a nice girl" and that you had a mean streak?

Do you see it now? Generally a bad idea to invite the meaness upon you. I'm guessing that this occuring to you about now.

Truthfully, I was just looking for that one blog mentioned in that NYTs article.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, and you just happened to slog through over a hundred search results to find mine.

You're entitled to think whatever you want, but I'll say this in my defense: I'm 6'1 and about 250-60 lbs, yeah, and I'm as far from pefect as it gets. But I've been told by many a person that I look good considering my weight, good as in: that my weight is well distributed.. But this is why I list myself as a few extra pounds, as I don't consider myself deathly obese.

Did I say you specifically? No actually I wrote And yet a lot of these guys who say a few extra pounds implying that I was not talking about a specific person, but rather a trend. Also I didn't make any clear reference to you or use you as an example when I wrote my little tirade. Also "snatch.com" does have the "overweight" body type option, it doesn't say "morbidly obese" it just says "overweight."

P.S. To be fair, had I a blog to remark about you.. I would have probably referred to you as Hobbit sized..minus the big feet of course.

Oh now that hurts. He called me short! The pain!

People, I really have no problem with my height, nor do I have any problem with being insulted for my height, what I do have a problem with is the lack of creativity about the insulting of my height. I mean c'mon put some brain cells into it. Watch the scene in Roxanne where Steve Martin comes up with twenty better insults for himself.

Also it says right in my profile that I am 4 ft 10 ( Ok so I am only four foot ten when I am standing on the back of a large turtle while wearing high heels.) Still, I am upfront about the fact that I am pocket sized.

P.P.S. I'm hesitant to want to ask you not to put excerpts from this in your blog... so if you don't mind, don't quote the e-mail, but you may paraphrase it. Thanks.

I may paraphrase the email huh? That's awfully big of you since I don't have to ask your permission. Actually, if you didn't notice I wasn't going to quote the email until I saw this line. Contrary beast that I am, after I saw this line, I felt it was a moral imperative to quote it. I will say however that unlike myself you get to be totally anonymous. So enjoy it.

So now I have further alienated yet another reader. Well as Woody Allen once said, "Because if my films make just one person feel bad, I'll feel that I have done my job as an artist."

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