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So as the more perceptive of you know, I've been epically depressed for the last three weeks. The kind of depression that my friend Starfucker from college described as "I just took my head out of the toilet long enough to 'Hello.'" So Monday night I was sitting in my apartment, tears streaming down my face again, and I thought "What can I do to make myself feel better?"

And then it came to me. People needed to die for my entertainment.

Or more accurately, four days of watching the best goretastic movies that the independent horror scene has to offer with some of my old friends at the NYC Horror Film Festival. As it turns out, Pretty-Scary was happy to have me cover the event for them, as I did last year. While unable to attend Wednesday's, apparently, off the hook party at Don Hill's, last night was the first night I mingled with filmmakers and fans at the oversold showing of Resident Evil Degeneration.

The festival has returned to Tribeca Cinemas, which has a lovely bar for mingling and networking (one of the key features of the festival) and I was able to hang out with Alex Rivello (formerly of Creature-Corner, now with CHUD), festival director Michael Hein, and some of the filmmakers responsible for this year's line up. While Resident Evil was, honestly, craptacular, the high spirits of the fans (who quickly turned against the film and began to heckle it MST3K style) and the familiarity of the venue made Alex comment to me as the lights went down, "It's like coming home."

Ahhhhhhhh, there's no place like home. As long as home means a blood soaked abbattoir filled with zombie strippers battling gay vampires for the rights to the peloti rules as part of their bioterrorist plan to unleash a highly virulent form of whooping cough on the world.

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