55 Miles to Go

Well I didn't expect to be blogging from Paris, but I've been coping with multiple health problems for the last two days and today I am trying to take it easy so you know I don't end up in the hospital. I do feel guilty about taking things easy and sitting in an internet cafe while I'm Paris. To my way of thinking I didn't spend all this money so I could do what I do just about every other day of the year. On the other hand, Mere Lapin would say that I didn't spend all this money to end up a Fench hospital either. So I am trying to take it easy. I'm still going to Notre Dame later today. I keep telling myself that I only have to last for another 52 hours. Sufficed to say those of us who live with major health issues know that sometimes that is a much more difficult task than imagined. So honestly, I'm terrified.

There are of course many stories, but it's certainly not like the first time I went to Paris. The good news is that when I return I'll have to just sit with my foot up anyway so I'll have lots of time to give you the 411. Still, I did cut myself off a piece of a little french somethin somethin.

Oh c'mon people, it had to be done. My hotel room has mirrors.

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