It's Like They Know Me
"I feel dirty...trying to be so clean."
Russian Dolls currently playing at the Quad Cinema

Tell Me This Has Happened To You?
Have you ever been stopped and asked directions for a place you pass by all the time, but never go in and as you begin to give directions get so unsure of where exactly the place is that suddenly you don't know where the place is and where you are at that moment?

Maybe it's just because my AC isn't working.

LovecraCked: World Premiere
(Essentially this post is cribbed from the email I recently received from the director/writer of LovecraCked.)

The world premiere of "LovecraCked! The Movie" will be held in New York City at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre at 7pm on July 24th. Now I know I'm gonna be there, but are you? The flyer has a picture of Lloyd Kaufman on it! How can you say no?

I don't think you can.

And I know where you live.

If you want to pretend that my recommendation isn't good enough, feel free to visit any one of these many theoretically useful sites:

Advance tickets for the screening are now available for sale online and via telephone.

The premiere Monday Jul 24, 2006 at 7:00 PM.

Two Boots Pioneer Theater is located at 155 East 3rd Street (btwn Avenues A & B)

Ticket prices are $9 regular admission and $6.50 for students with a valid proof of school ID.

To purchase tickets online go to:

To purchase ticket by phone call: (800) 595-4849

The theater only holds 100 people so I would reserve tickets ASAP.

Elias, the director and writer, and some of the cast/crew will be there a little early to give away cool free stuff while supplies last! So be at the theater by 6:30 or 6:45pm at the latest to get a good seat and some nifty free jank!

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