A Big Fluffy Killer Bunni Thank You

So sponsorships have finally closed, and although my original goal was one thousand dollars because of all of you I managed to exceed my goal and raise $1, 661.96, which means that my parents were right. All it takes to make the world a better place is the desire to change it.

About half way through the thon, I received an email from a mother who lost her only son to this horrible form of cancer. She thanked me for raising awareness as well as being thrilled to see that I was an actual survivor. I wanted to pass her thanks on to all of you because you were really what made this experience so amazing and worth while.

I know some of you regretted not being able to give or give more, but all of you did what you could. First off I want to say before I kick off the personal thank yous that if I forgot you, please let me know and understand that it isn't personal, but that I am in desperately in need of a personal staff to keep track of me. There were the bloggers who posted about my efforts and harassed their readers to donate on my behalf: bakerina, blogmonkey, rabbitch, McBeth, Anonymouse, and Meesha. Incidentally should you ever want to start a small army, Rabbitch should be your go to girl-within an hour of her post I managed to quadruple my hits. Ordinary Joe went above and beyond by offering not only to match all donations made in the last 24 hours before the thon, but also to essentially whore himself out to the requests of donors. Bakerina and Julie of A Finger in Every Pie managed to fed me a lovely blogathon dinner of ribs, corn salsa, collard greens, cherry pie and brownies. My monitor, John, checked up on me as did many of you who posted comments even when you didn't have a freakin' clue what I was asking about. And to be fair who would? I mean how many people in this life have even heard of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter? Actually on Monday I spent a lovely afternoon with Office Elf AKA High Grand Horror Movie Trivia Master watching the Simpsons movie and roaming around Virgin megastore hitting myself on the head for all the trivia I should have asked. (For example, one of the top grossing horror movies of all time was filmed in 8 days. What was it? The Blair Witch Project. ) Also a big shout out to Mr.Hysteria. I have mentioned his brand new blog before but since he was one of my biggest supporters I say unto you again go read.

I'd also like to thank netflix, econocandy, the sci fi channel and sympathy for the kettle. They don't know how they helped, but I wouldn't have made it through the night with enough trivia and gummy brains if it weren't for these lovely businesses.

Currently I am in Paris struggling with the joys of a french keyboard. Sufficed to say the trip over was one of Kakfka's unrealized works. I shall finish the old paris diaries when I return and I alreqdy have an arsenal of new stories. In the meantime, thanks to all of you:the ones who just visited, the sponsors, the monitors, of course fry kitty who started it all those years ago, Nikki whose blog opened up a door to helping others who suffer with what I survived, Rabbitch who put up with nonsensical pre dawn imming, well, I could go on and on. Basically thank you to everyone for willing to be a part of this experience. It means more to me than you know.


I Will Survive
Well, I had such ambitious plans for a big frilly thank you posts, but I have to admit I"m still recovering. To be sure thank you and bags of candy are on the way. Incidentally to all of you who sponsored me, if you could please email me your snail mail so that I can send you candy goodness that would be awesome. Even if you don't want candy, snail mail will help me with lovely little thank you cards. Now I must begin my pre-Paris enforced grooming schedule. Yes I am glutton for punishment. I finish the blogathon just in time to get waxed.

Oh joy.

Prepare the ice and the big thank you post will be up later tonight.

Night of the Lepus

You don't get to use the phrase "a plague of killer rabbits" nearly enough in this life. Janet Leigh appeared in this film, probably much to the shame of Alfred Hitchcock who cast her in his movie Psycho (the first film to have a toilet on screen). As we learned from movies like Cavedwellers, you can make snakes growl or in this case rabbits roar and snarl.

One wonders why rabbity horror films have to be so ridiculous. Of course then you look at the little guy over there and you understand. I mean how could that little face be scary? "I'll nibble some holes in your socks you bastard!" Yeah, it's just not scary and it's never gonna be scary. Unless Marv finally got a movie deal in which case it would be utterly terrifying. But aside from that some animals do not lend themselves to horror movies-rabbits are one of them.

Well that's it people. I was going to do a lot more tonight. I was going to paint my nails, do my yoga, practice French, write a special thank you post for all my sponsors, discover the winners, and make gingerbread pancakes. I was going to even make my special Night of the Lepus frozen ice cream so that you cold marvel at it. I did none of that. What I did manage to do was raise over 1000 dollars for the charity of my choice. I may have faltered, but I didn't fall.

So to all of you who kept me awake, who sent emails, who posted on flickr, who gave what they could and more whether it be linklove, food, IMs, or cash, thank you. I will properly thank all of you later when I am no longer a hallucinating mess. I suspect Office Elf will be tallying the results as I slumber. Later today I shall reveal the secret of Lepus frozen yogurt.

But now, as they used to say in the days of celebrity death match, good fight GOOD NIGHT.

The End is Nigh
Bruce Davis, the original Willard, does in fact appear as Williard (Crispin Glover's) Dad. Scully is the name of the illfated cat. The song Ben written for the movie Ben which was the sequel to the original Willard. It was written by Black and Scharf.

Last trivia question of the night...

This movie proclaims to contain real footage of a 1954 "plague of rabbits." It also features a news reel with the title: Rabbit War: US Battles Pests to Save Trees.

Identify the movie. 3 pts

Identify the famed actress who is in this movie and name the famous horror movie in which she appears. 2 pts.

Finally, thanks to foley, what noise do these rabbits make? 3 pts.

Corpse Grinders
Kind of like Razorback meets Soylent Green, but for cats. Or something.

OK here we go just two more trivia challenges to go....

This one is for my cat who was far more interested in the thon than I thought. Good work keeping me awake Miss P. Now no kicking me in the head when I finally go to sleep.

Although he didn't appear in the film in person, what actor is portrayed in portraits and photographs in the remake of Willard? 3 pts

What was the name of the cat who meets a rather horrible, but musical end? 3 pts

The song Ben is featured on the soundtrack. For what movie was it originally written? 2 pts. And who wrote it? 5 pts.

He Came From Heaven, Two Stakes in His Hand
Jesus Christ battling lesbian vampires with a catchy 80s soundtrack. This movie would be all shades of awesome for that alone, but then God appears as a bowl of cherries and instructs Jesus to take El Santos as his backup for battle. The Virgin Mary in the form of a dashboard statue proclaims to love lesbians because "they get so much done in a day."

I am currently having breakfast. I couldn't understand why I felt sick and yet hungry until I realized I had been eating only sugar for six hours. I am now having a bit of a nosh while I watch Invader Zim. I have to admit it I'm all horror movie-ed out. I'm gonna have watch screwball comedies for a while.

But not yet...gotta thank Rabbitch for this one, in what movie are human corpses ground up to be cat food? 3 pts

Ohhhhh pillows..... Well not yet. OE nailed this one so in my sleep deprived state I'm just gonna cut and paste his answers rather than rewrite the whole thing.
1)The other girls taunt Carrie because she becomes frightened and seeks helps after having her first period.
2) The mother calls breasts "Dirty pillows"
3) William Katt played Tommy, who takes Carrie to the prom, falls for her and is promptly whacked by a bucket of pig blood and left for dead.
4) Katt went on to star in "House"
5) She stayed and slept in the bloody clothes for 3 days of filming. Not only that, she was even willing to actually be draped in real blood. Now that's above and beyond the call of duty

Incidentally Nikki of Blogging for Kids, who is blogging for the same charity I am, has featured me as a case history. Go there and give her some support and comment love as well. And then come immediately back here. You can also mine and other thonners pics here.

OK this one is gonna be a real stumper for many of you, in the movie Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, God appears as what? 5 pts
Jesus takes as his sidekick what unlikely person? 5 pts
The Virgin Mary proclaims that she likes lesbians why? 5 pts

When the documentary crew goes missing in the "Green Inferno" it's an anthropology prof. from NYU who goes down and finds what left of them, which is their footage. The film is so upsetting to many people because of the animal cruelty that the DVD offers an animal cruelty free version. The movie was actually banned in Italy because of the cruelty. While Takashi Miike had a cameo in Hostel, Ruggero Deodato, the director of this film, had a cameo in Hostel II. Carl Gabriel Yorke was not originally cast as the leading man, but replaced an actor who quit at the last minute. According to Carl he was hired because he had the right shoe size as they had already purchased the costume for the originally actor. Yorke also confessed his first day of shooting was the day a sea turtle is butchered. After witnessing the real butchery of this animal Yorke left every day to film with his passport and his plane ticket for fear he was working on a snuff film.

In the movie Carrie, why do the girls taunt her in the locker room? 2 pts
How does Carrie's mother refer to breasts? 2 pts
What icon of 80s sitcom played Carrie's love interest? 1 pt
In what other 80s horror film does this actor appear as the main character? 3 pts
Sissy Spacek is apparently such a perfectionist she spent how many days covered in blood for continuity in the prom sequence? 5 pts

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The Girl of My Dreams is a Vegetable!
A great line, but untrue since tomatoes are fruits. But I digress. FT does stand for Fuzzy Tomato which was suppose to result in some great marketing ploy, which never happened. George Clooney plays the hero's sidekick while John Astin AKA the original Gomez Addams plays Professor Gangrene who sports a Pepsi sign on the back of his lab coat in order to garner money for the movie through product placement (a running joke through the movie). Gangrene's manservant Igor is a strapping blonde man who wants to be a newscaster.

What real university is inextricably linked to the premise of Cannibal Holocaust? 4 pts

The Descent
Funny story about this movie. I saw it with OE, and we had this tub of popcorn which me mauled pretty quickly. So early on in the movie there's only an inch or so left in the tub. OE had it in his hands and he leaned over to whisper some snarky remark to me when the creatures appeared for the first time. OE not only tossed up the tub, but then he couldn't quite catch it and it danced on his finger tips for almost a minute until he finally got the tub out of control. What was amazing was that the entire movie theater gasped, and I was the only one trying to stifle laughter. It was the most perfect horror movie scare moment I've ever seen in my life. Even if the movie had been crap, it would have been worth it just to see that.

The original of this movie was a personal fave, one my father also loved....

But the sequel

In Return of the Killer Tomatoes, what does FT stand for? 2 pts
What dashing actor actually plays the hero's sidekick? 2 pts
What appears on the back of Professor Gangrene's lab coat? 5 pts.
What alternative career does Igor want to pursue? 5 pts

Critters 4
It is my theory that every big actor has one horror movie that they wish everyone would forget. This movie would be Angela Basset's. Although Brad Dourif (The Voice of Chucky) also appeared in this film. One of my grad student pals claimed give a horror franchise long enough and they will all reach either Space or NY sometimes both.

Well I'm full in the long dark teatime of blogathon. I had so many plans-to do my nails, to do yoga, to practice my french, pick up my dry cleaning. I didn't do any of that and now I'm barely awake enough to make obnoxious editorial comments.

Still I forage ahead much like the brave ladies in the this film...

When 6 women decide to go on an adventure holiday one year after one of them lost both her husband and her daughter in a car accident, it seemed like a good idea until....The leader decides to take them into a different unexplored cave system instead of the one agreed upon.

The following lines appears in this film...."I'm an English professor, not Tomb Raider." Identify this film. 1 pt

Piranhas II: The Spawning
While James Cameron is credited with this movie, Ovidio Assonitis apparently took over after a week of shooting because he was unhappy with Cameron's work (although there is some argument about who shot what). Lance Henrikson is one of the main characters of this movie, and the piranhas develop the improbable ability to fly when the army splices them with a flying fish. The climax of the film comes when the piranhas actually stage an inland attack EN MASSE. Yep a whole pack of flying ridiculousness. Cameron claims, however, that this is THE finest flying piranha film.

More fun with hungry ridiculous creatures and the Academy Awards....

In this movie the following exchange occurs:

Fran:I thought you said there was no radiation danger?
Man: Well Fran maybe the nuclear core just up and changed its mind.

What Academy Award Nominee played Fran? 5 pts.

Identify the movie. 3 pts

Fun With Academy Award Winners
It took Peter Jackson 4 years to film Bad Taste, even though it originally was meant to be a 10 minute movie titled Roast of the Day. Aliens come here to open up a new branch of an intergalactic fast food franchise, but they drink their own vomit as part of their intoxicating "communion." Finally, the heads were baked in Jackson's mother's oven, which accounts for the rather awkward shaping of the head. They were designed to fit in the oven. Incidentally there are no female characters in Bad Taste, although some women did play male aliens. The aliens were all male as were the humans. Strange, but true.

Let's continue with Academy Award Winners....

In this movie pirahnas develop what strange ability thanks to the government? 2 pts

This film is often credited as what Academy Award Winning Director's First movie? 1 pt

Who actually did most of the shooting despite the directorial credit? 5 pts.

What veteran from the Alien franchise appeared in this movie? 1 pt

Hell Comes to Frogtown
Yes good old Roddy kicked some serious amphibian ass in that one! The movie spawned an unbelievable 3 sequels: Frogtown II, Toad Warrior, and Max Hell Comes to Frogtown.

OK more fun with bad taste-

How long did it take Peter Jackson to film Bad Taste? 1 pt

What was the original title of the movie? 1 pt

What was the purpose of the alien invasion of Earth? 2 pts

What did the aliens drink in a quasi religious/intoxication ritual? 3 pts

What practical issue accounts for the peculiarities of the alien heads? 2 pts

I'm Wild

This is hopefully to win some sponsorshipness or at least a front page mention on blogathon.

My favorite wild animal is actually a Snow Tiger. I've seen them in person and they are just a marvel.

Henry Winkler AKA the Fonz uttered the line as the uber critical principle. The rules are as follows:

Randy: There are certain rules you must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance. Number one, you can never have sex. Big no-no, big no-no.
Stu: I'd be a dead man!
Randy: Sex equals death okay? Number two, you can never drink or do drugs. No sin factor. This is sin. It's an extension of number one. Number three, never never ever under any circumstances do you ever say I'll be right back cause you won't be back.
Stu: I'm getting another beer you want one?
Randy: Yeah sure.
Stu: I'll be right back!
All: Ooooo!!
Randy: You push the laws and you end up dead! I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife!

As a result at the end of the movie, Randy proclaims he was never so happy to be a virgin in his life.

Although Rowdy Roddy Piper is known for his performance in They Live, in what far more bizarre horror movie did Piper stars as Sam Hell? 1 pt

How many sequels did this movie spawn and what are the titles? 3 pts.

Only Samuel L Jackson
According Samuel the reason why 1408 has so many deaths and injuries is for the oh so nuanced reason of "because it's an evil fucking room." Only Samuel could sell that line. Almost.


What 80s TV icon uttered the following line that captures my poor little heart, "Fairness would be to rip your insides out and hang you from a tree so we can expose you for the heartless, desensitized little shits that you are!"? 2 pts.

Identify the movie. 1 pt.

This film proclaimed there were rules to survival. What are the rules to survival according to this movie? 5 pts

God Bless the Little People

None of you saw Seed of Chucky? Have you no decency? At long last sir, have you no...decency?

Ahem, Jennifer Tilly seduces Redman in order to get the part of the Virgin Mary in his upcoming Bible epic. The original title for the film was Chucky Goes Psycho and there are homages to the film Psycho throughout including in the Intro when Glen or Glenda (Ed Wood reference) claims he wouldn't hurt a fly.)

John Waters, who has a spectacular death in the film, would like to see a musical Chucky movie. Chucky masterbates to an issue of Fangoria, and actor Brad Dourif does the voice of Chucky. Brad has done a whole passel of horror movies including Alien Resurrection, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and Dario Argento's Trauma. He also appeared in Deadwood and as Lucas Boggs in the Beyond the Sea episode of the X files. In short, I love Brad Dourif. I would gladly toss my horror themed panties at him at any time as long as he promises not to do the Chucky voice in bed.

Oh and the end credits feature the deaths of the characters.

OK This here is just one question: In the movie 1408, according to Samuel L Jackson, why are people in the room 1408 so prone to death and injury? 3 pts.

There are Rules
According to Leigh Whannel, if you take a shot every time director James Wan says 18 days on the first DVD, "By the end of the movie, you'll be ragingly pissed." Of course, the movie was filmed in 18 days and in one building. The movie features what Whannel calls the cheapest chase sequence ever because it was filmed in a parking garage. Cary Elwes on the second DVD does an impersonation of Marlon Brando and Michael Caine. Jigsaw's doll, which was built by Wan, also appeared in Dead Silence. And Saw 3 revised Adam's death from starvation to suffocation by Amanda-Jigsaw's wayward disciple.

Let's continue with demonic dolls, shall we?

In Seed of Chucky, Jennifer Tilly seduces Redman to score what role? 2 pts.

What was the original title for this movie? 3 pts.

This movie features the death of cult director John Waters, who is a huge Chucky fan. What would Waters like the next Chucky film to be? 5 pts.

At one point in the movie, Chuck masterbates to what magazine? 2 pts

Who does the voice of Chucky? 1 pt.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Not only is this movie completely unfaithful to the story, which is actually fairly sweet, it's hard to take a horror movie seriously when you cast a guy famous for playing hick as one of the vessels of the Elder Ones. What could have saved this movie for me is he had broken character and said "Hi! My name is Yog Sothoth and this is my brother Cthulhu and this is my other brother Cthulhu." But no all he said for the entire movie was, "I kissed my loved ones, I go to sleep, I see bad things." Yeah honey I see bad things to-it the movie your in!

I'm at the time where I start drinking red bull and pixie stix, so if I seem punchy, well I'm trying to stay awake.

Now for some trivia from one of my personal faves:

It's been awhile since you guys had any commentary track questions.

In the first DVD release of Saw (not the "uncut" version), Leigh Whannel suggests a Saw drinking game during the end credits. How does one play? 2 pts

Cary Elwes does impersonations of what two famous actors on the second DVD release of Saw (the uncut version)? 3 pts

In what movie does Jigsaw's doll have a cameo appearance? 3 pts

Although we think Adam starves to death from the end of the original Saw, what "revised" ending of Adam's life does Saw 3 offer? 3 pts

Now time for an ice shower. Oh yeah feel the burn.

Peter Rottentail
OK I can't believe two other people got this. That is so wrong, not in the least because this is one of the most craptacular spectacles I've ever wasted my life upon and lord know I've wasted my life on quite a few crappy movies. Well congratulations winners o' chocolate-y bunny goodness (if sending chocolate is a problem I have an alternative candy bunny option).

Well I'm all sweaty and disgusting for my sprint home and the stress of the locked up computer, I'm also starting to feel sleepy so this one is for sleep deprivation. This one might be difficult, but the next set of questions will be easy so stay up with me one more half hour. C'mon you can do it.

William Sanderson, better known as Larry from "Hi my names is Larry and this is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl" fame on Newhart starred in what alleged adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story?

Yep, Jennifer Connelly plays the girl in question and yes a chimp, who was the aide of Donald Pleasance, who was wheelchair bound.

Ok I'm only giving you fifteen minutes with the next one because I'm fairly sure no one is going to get it. If you do, there will be a very special candy prize in it for you. Mmmmmmmm candy.

In what film do the following lines appear:

"Woah look out! Demon with a carrot!"

and also

"Never piss off a dead rabbit!"

Identify this movie 5 pts and special candy goodness.

The fictional band starring Roth and other crew members was Bakunas and the Essential Elements. Takashi Miike (Audition) is the director cameo.

An Academy Award winning actress plays a young girl who uses the power to control insects in order to find a serial killer terrorizing a boarding school. What is the movie 2 pts.

Who is the actress? 1 pt

What animal wields a razor in this movie? 3 pts

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