Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Not only is this movie completely unfaithful to the story, which is actually fairly sweet, it's hard to take a horror movie seriously when you cast a guy famous for playing hick as one of the vessels of the Elder Ones. What could have saved this movie for me is he had broken character and said "Hi! My name is Yog Sothoth and this is my brother Cthulhu and this is my other brother Cthulhu." But no all he said for the entire movie was, "I kissed my loved ones, I go to sleep, I see bad things." Yeah honey I see bad things to-it the movie your in!

I'm at the time where I start drinking red bull and pixie stix, so if I seem punchy, well I'm trying to stay awake.

Now for some trivia from one of my personal faves:

It's been awhile since you guys had any commentary track questions.

In the first DVD release of Saw (not the "uncut" version), Leigh Whannel suggests a Saw drinking game during the end credits. How does one play? 2 pts

Cary Elwes does impersonations of what two famous actors on the second DVD release of Saw (the uncut version)? 3 pts

In what movie does Jigsaw's doll have a cameo appearance? 3 pts

Although we think Adam starves to death from the end of the original Saw, what "revised" ending of Adam's life does Saw 3 offer? 3 pts

Now time for an ice shower. Oh yeah feel the burn.

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