Peeping Tom
Oh how I love this film. Well, I am now at my lovely friend Julie's house having a dinner party so th editorial comments may be sparse but I promise to take pictures. I took pictures today, but my computer had a HAL attack when I tried to uploading them. "I'm sorry I can't DO that Bunni."

The killer actually uses a sharpened leg of the camera tripod to kill his victims.

I am aware that I haven't had any give aways yet. So here we go the person who wins the next round will get a special prize-a fangoria shot glass!

Famous last words: In the movie Feast, what does Henry Rollins say before he dies? 2 pts

In what Keanu Reeves movie does Rollins have a cameo? 3 pts

In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to each character and their life expectancy, who is the only character listed by his real name? What is his life expectancy? 3pts

According to Beer guy, what is his other job? 2 pts

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