The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Starring David Boreanaz as a satanic priest doing a really bad Elvis impersonation and Eddie Furlong as the latest incarnation of the Crow. Indeed, Dennis Hopper utters the line in question as apparently, he is willing to take any movie that comes around these days.

So you thought that was easy huh?

Well let's see if you get the next one:

Identify the movie that features the following lines:

"I've made 3 big changes in my life. I switched beers when I was 16. I switched back when I was 30, and I killed a girl last week."


"I couldn't get Misty out of my mind...or out of my backyard." 2 pts

One of the most impressive parts of this movie are the beer cans all over the set. How long did it take for one of the producers to collect the cans? 5 pts

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