Army of Bruce

If you love Bruce as much as I do, and I know you do because, well, he's Bruce. He's the only man who can actually make profound statements about the difficulties of signing a girl's bosom, you might well enjoy the Director's Cult song Army of Bruce. The same group has a tribute to Wolf Creek called Head on a Stick.

Bakerina is indeed correct-the words Klatuu Barada Nikto come from the film The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Unfortunately Ted appears in four confirmed roles.

Welll let's keep going with movies that try and capture that old movie feeling but heap on the gore.

In the movie Grindhouse, Jungle Julia rewrites what famous poem for a man to recite in order for her friend Butterfly to give him a lap dance? 1 pt

Cherry, the crying go go girl, wants to go into what line of work? 1 pt

What "brand name" is so prominently displayed on Kurt Russell's costume that it becomes a nickname for him? 2 pt

Grindhouse features a number of "fake" trailers. Name all of the fake trailers. 5 pts.

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