Don't Drink the Water

Ah yes, Cabin Fever. Roth's director commentary reveals that when his mother asked him if he wanted a DJ at his bar mitzvah, he was terrified because "girls thought I was wierd." (Yeah I wonder why.) Instead he wanted a magician to cut him in half with a chainsaw. He got his wish.

Roth's canine sidekick is Dr. Mambo who appears with him in 2001 Maniacs. Roth originally cast the pitbull from Roadhouse, but had to recast a police dog when it was discovered that the pitbull was just far too friendly to be threatening. On the Cabin Fever DVD you can see a special feature which shows footage of the original dog spliced into the attack scene.

Since we are on the subject, let's talk about 2001 Maniacs.

The movie centers around a festival. What is the name of the festival? 1 pt

What is the name of the town where the action takes place? 1 pt.

What horror icon plays the mayor? 1 pt

What actor has a cameo as a history professor at the beginning of the movie? 1 pt

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