The Tripper

This awesome slasher flick is the directorial debute of David Arquette (you may remember him from the Scream franchise). Paul Reubens (who had a stunning death in Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie) played the unscrupulous festival manager. The hippie followed a white rabbit into further into the forest. Gotta watch out for those bunnies, people.

So three hours into this I am beginning to realize that 30 minutes is just long enough to do nothing useful. So it's time for some Cabin Fever trivia!

In the director commentary, Roth discloses that instead of a DJ at his bar mitzvah he asked his mother for what? 4 pts

How do Roth and the male cast members on the commentary track refer to the strip joint that was across the street from the hotel where they stayed during the shoot? 2 pts

Roth appears in this movie with a dog named what? 1 pt

Who did Roth original cast as his canine companion? 2 pts

In what other movie so Roth and his sidekick appear?

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