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So I have to turn in final grades by Friday. The final exam was Monday, and I have to grade two sets of exams and calculate final grades by Friday all so that the higher ups in administration can go on their PAID LEAVE early. You know, those same higher ups who have things like health insurance and a dental plan.

I digress.

So Monday night, as exhausted as I am by the two hour meeting for which I was paid in calories, I sat down to grade one set of exams. I was reading the second exam and noticed that the student had spelled the word "through" T-H-R-O-W for the entire exam. Now, this was a students whose will I supposedly crushed because I suggested that this student needed to focus intensely on the mechanics of writing. I can't even take points off for this because even thought the student has no documented learning disorders, the son of my higher up DOES have dyslexia; as a result, she is particularly sensitive about taking points off for misspelled words because, "Spellcheck would probably catch that."

I think I'm just going to have my cat grade the rest of the exams.

I'm getting paid in cookies
For all of you contemplating a teaching career and think "ooooooo NYU I bet you can afford a nice apartment with that pay," let me say this, "I have a Master's. I've been a freelance writer and a featured columnist. And I just left a two hour meeting in which I was paid in coffee and an oatmeal cookie. That comes out to what? A grand total of three dollars for two hours. And itwas instant coffee so maybe not even. Maybe closer to two dollars. Sign me up for the sweatshops people. I'm ready for the pay increase."

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