The Struggling Impossible Love Election

I'm exhausted and so behind on grading I have actually given up on returning final papers for "the bad class." I hate to say it but I'm not eschewing sleep for those little twits. They will get their papers back with their portfolios at the final. ** 1

In other news, I have been flirting with this lovely Italian guy. Yes, yes, I know. I just couldn't flirt with a guy with whom I share a common language that would just be wrong. But I do so love the conversation it produces. Like his claim that he would like to "elect" me as his "impossible struggling love." I was just tickled by this whole idea. Getting a campaign manager, making buttons, crafting a slogan, really getting the electorate behind me so that I can be an official Impossible Struggling Love. So, who would you "elect" to as your Impossible Struggling Love? For me it's David Tennant. I mean, not only is he Dr. Who, but he's also Scottish. How hot is that?

See why I am deciding to sleep rather than grade? I thought you might.

** Do I feel bad about this? Yes. On the other hand, I would rather give papers back later with better and more considered comments. Also their papers WILL NOT have an impact on the final. In addition, they have 15 OTHER assignments returned with grades. So it's not like they have NO IDEA about their final grade.

Defensive? No, no, no.......yes....a bit.

1 Why am I so tired you ask? Because rather than grade I went to my first metafilter meet up. Despite my anxiety, because yes the metafiltereans intimidate me, they were fabulous. The evening went far longer than planned, but was thoroughly enjoyable. A great way to end the weekend.

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