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Third Floor: Ladies Lingerie, Wigs, and Slowly Flaying the Skin Off of Heretics
I know I have promised to make with the Vegas posts, but well again I find myself having to do this soul draining thing called "work." In lieu of that, I thought I would ask you a question that came up last night-what do you think the soundtrack to Hell is? I mean there are the obvious answers-yanni and kenny g-but what is the most torturous music you can imagine? The type of music that blasted consistently would drive you out of your hide-y hole and into the arms of a hostile enemy if only they would stop playing it?

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I know, I know
I know I promised hot sexy Vegas blog posts, but this morning I lost my cellphone, could not find it, tore my apartment apart, only to discover I had put it in my bra. That's right people I lost a cellphone in my breasts. And to give you an idea how out of it I am, once I found it, I promptly left it on my dressing table before I came to work.

Absolutely true.

And of course this is just in time for my to get link love from Icons of Fright. Greg Zymet, writer/director of Apartment 206 as well as NYU alumnus, has in his ultimate loveliness seen fit to reference my review of his film in an interview and a link to the review is included. The interview also credits me with introducing director-writer Adam Barnick (Mainstream) to Greg. Well, hey I don't believe it, but I'll take the praise. Of course, this puts pressure on me to finish my NYCHFF reviews (I swear it will be done). But until then you can waste time, I mean read interesting interviews with Paul Solet (Means to an End) and Eli Roth (Cabin Fever and Hostel).

One of my former students and current office elf is now writing for a website designed to provide Mets fans with a unique perspective. It plans to be updated daily. His second article is currently up, so go visit him while you wait for me to get my aristocratic shit together and post.

Oh and tonight, just a reminder, is Rabid's reading. I have overseen the list and let me tell there will be some hot and heavy poetry.

It Takes a Village
Well, I'm working on getting my next Vegas installment up, but as you all know it's Christmas season and what with all the scandal going round these parts (Billy's affair/abandonment, Ivan's blog getting hacked , planning my birthday hijinx) as well as the work situation 9I'm beginning to feel like each day I'm walking into a really bad rehearsal for the Crucible-witch hunt anyone?) I'm afraid I'm a bit overwhelmed. I really could use a couple of robot minions or something. But be assured that I will be posting my next installment tomorrow. And just so you don't think that all my posts are filled with the same quiet desperation of the first two let me give you some tantalizing highlights:

1. Bunni enjoys many decadent lush baths and a hotel bed large enough for three people
2. Bunni discovers a new martini
3. Bunni is hit on by a "gay" male go go dancer
4. Bunni ends up naked in a hot tub

I just hope you all appreciate how much I'm willing to suffer for my art.

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