Is Our Children Learning?
So today I'm attempting to review important due dates and requirements with my students. So I hand out a paper with key dates and requirements, but then because I can't expect them to do things like READ I have to read it to them much as I would a bunch of 2nd graders with many repetitions. So I'm reviewing the final portfolio, and I tell them "I'm pushing the due date back to December 4th-our last class." (It was also on the paper as December 4th in BIG BOLD PRINT.) And a student asks, "But will it be due before Thanksgiving break?" And so I say "It's due (slowly enunciating) December 4th" thinking this will answer her question. And then again she asks "But will it be due before Thanksgiving break?" So I say it one more time (remember I'm sick so not too swift myself). The third time around I realized SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHEN THANKSGIVING IS, which if she wasn't American through and through I'd think OK.

But she is.

STILL, if Thanksgiving break is NEXT WEEK and this is due the LAST WEEK of classes (two weeks from now) shouldn't it be self evident that it is NOT due before Thanksgiving break?

Anyone? Anyone?

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