In the words of David Sedaris, the love affair she is dead
Or if there are 50 ways to leave your lover how many of them involve altavista's babelfish

Damn these french keyboards without question marks.

Yep I broke up with the sauvage last night. I am going to check into a hotel to spend 8 freakin more days in paris because even though he is going home to frehel he did not want me to leave paris.

I will give details after I finish the Frehel diaries. Don't worry. Quality material will not be missed. (Actually the diaries are already written for the most part, so all I have to do polish em up and post them.)

I feel OK about the break up but I do just want to go home. Do the usual after break up thing. Wrangle friends for beer and buffalo wings and bitch and moan and compare horror stories (I always win.) Convince myself I did not just make an epic mistake.

People what I need from you is this, support. Whenever I go away, when I come back there are a smattering of messages (last time it was only 2) and I begin to think that I am a little on the unimportant side. I need all of you to rally for me and welcome me home as the hero I am a breaker of hearts on both sides of the atlantic ocean. Because the end of a love affair is not easier when one is in a foreign country.


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