A Word of Welcome and Explaination for New-comers from Slashdot

Alright, so those of you coming here from slashdot, and you know who you are, I should try and set some things straight. First off, Prof. Multigeek, the one who directed you here, was not named directly in this blog until this moment. My reasoning? Mainly those who have been named in this blog haven't come to particularly happy ends and so I was trying to protect him from such a fate( if you check the archives the fates of those like Farm Fresh and Israel come to mind). But as he chose to identify himself, and direct all of you over here to me, well, he is responsible for his own fate now. There is, however. a reference to him in one of the posts ( kudos to the commenter on slash dot who guessed that he was indeed the one who offered beer to the rock-a-billy at the terrible toy fair), but that's as close as I've gotten.

The cynical valentine's day post might seem to need some explaination ( one slash dotter called it "a lonely heart's post"). Actually that was mainly up there for all of my single friends, including my dear friend the dominatrix, who were depressed simply because they couldn't get a date for saturday night. I mean a saturday night without a date is annoying enough, but it verges on the border of traumatic when all of these other folk are walking around holding hands, buying flowers, and exhanging cards ( especially when you are, like many of my female friends, thirty or over). I've had enough lonely valentine's days to know. ( In fact, I had another post planned for valentine's day, but I changed my mind in honor of all the girls I know who simply decided "to go out and get trashed.") Furthermore, just because I have started dating ( well the truth is I don't think I really ever stopped dating after 1997) and things are going relatively well, I am not going to suddenly change my attitude towards formally pagan holidays that have been christianized and hallmark-ized. Furthermore, here at bunniblog there is a tradition of being fairly cynical in the face of romance, and I'm not going to change that anytime soon.

As for the other men that I have mentioned in the past ( retrocrush and rasputin being the most recent) I often forget to mention when men have vanished. I kind of assume that you, my regular readers, can somehow mystically tell when a guy has, for whatever reason, pulled a houdini. (Can you guess where this is going?) Rasputin vanished never to return after our one evening together . Actually that's not entirely true. I saw him last week as he walked by my favorite coffee spot. He was carrying his son on his shoulders, and as he walked by, he waved. That's the most contact I've had from him since then. Some of the other regulars have asked me what happened to him, and I have to simply shrug as I have no idea except that I often have that effect on people. Retrocrush and I talked on the phone a couple of times, but then I lost his number, and he hasn't called since. Not a big loss as it seems that retro poured all of his personality into his wardrobe.

So at the moment, I am a one man Bunni, which actually goes against my general policy of maintaining a male harem policy.

Don't get too excited though. As events in the past have indicated, I have a very short shelf life with men ( two weeks-two months being the usual dating window for me) and so I tend to be fairly cautious. For example, I waited quite sometime before I posted about events with retrocrush. I wanted to be sure he wasn't a fly-by-night kind of thing. Of course as soon as my safety window closed, he vanished. So now I'm being a cool little bunni, sipping my martini in the corner and waiting for events to unfold.

You have to ask yourself this question

Well, I am here at work TOTALLY unprepared (a two day migraine left me quite behind on my work) to go in and teach. Ah yes the return of the two o'clock class. I think I might start off today's class with the line "You have to ask yourself this question, do you want to apathetically sit there in silence or do you want to live?"

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