Everything I Needed to Know About the Holy Grail I Learned from Monty Python: The Da Vinci Code
Essentially the Da Vinci Code reinforces what I learned from Monty Python and the Holy Grail-the French are obnoxious and are in possession of the Holy Grail. I know many reviewers thought that it was boring, but they simply don't realize it was intended as a comedy. For how else is the audience expected to respond to Tom Hanks confessing that he prayed to Jesus to get him out of a well so he could play with his dog again to the evil self flaggellating hit man for the Lord? Incidentally, is there a contract that requires Paul Bettany to get buck ass naked in a movie every five years?

I actually found the Da Vinci Code an inspiring experience because if the character of Langdon can be accepted as a genius than I can officially apply to become the president of MENSA. I also decided that I definitely need to go and work for Columbia. If they pay a twit like that enough to stay at a hotel like the one featured in the film, I will be able to live at the Ritz in Florence every summer as opposed to getting the emails about "I don't think I deserve this grade" from students who didn't even bother to feign interest while I barely make enough money to pay my rent.

I do have to love the film for one line-"I need to get to library!" A man after my own heart.

If only I had one.

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