The Top 20 Horror Movies of the Decade
I just couldn't narrow it down to 10 so here's 20 movies that'll scare the socks off of you before the new decade begins.These movies are listed in no particular order.

1. Feed-This movie is actually the only movie to make me dry heave. Seriously. It's insanely sick, but in a good way.

2. Subject Two-This movie is, quite simply, the best adaptation of Frankenstein I've ever seen. Get the DVD and watch how the movie was made as they had to schlep all their equipment up a mountain in Colorado, no easy trick.

3.Feast-AVOID THE SEQUELS TO THIS MOVIE. Feast is one my faves, if for no other reason Henry Rollins has his pants ripped off my a ravenous hell beast. That's always good in my book.

4. The Descent-This is just an awesome movie.

5.Zombie Honeymoon-Much like an American Werewolf in London, this movie is one of the rare horror movies that manages to incorporate comedy while still remaining terrifying. Also really good rockabilly soundtrack. (The story was inspired by the death of the author/director's sister's husband.)

6.Saw-I love Saw. While the needle pit is the best trap, this is the movie that started Jigsaw on his way. You'll never hear "hello-I'd like to play a game" the same way again.

7.Slither-Nathan Fillon, a mayor with tourettes, and an alien who likes to eat dogs make this movie totally charming.

8. Cabin Fever-I, quite honestly, have only watched this movie once. I can not watch it again for just one scene (you know it well) the leg shaving scene. AAAAiiiiiiii. Roth has not lived up to the reputation this movie set up for him, but this movie is enough on its own.

9. Drag Me to Hell-Poor Allyson Lohman gets puked on more than any human being can in one movie. This Raimi at his absolute best. Hey Sam baby I do not want your puny kitten (wink).

10. Ginger Snaps-A really great feminist twist on the werewolf story.

11. Pitch Black-So cheesy, but I love this movie. My favorite part is the end when Vin stares down the alien by staying in its blind spot. (He also wrote Critters 2!)

12. Bubba Ho-Tep-Not really scary, but totally awesome for Bruce Campbell as an old Elvis and Ossie Davis as JFK (whose been dyed black). LET'S GET DECADENT!

13. Nightwatch-This Russian vampire movie has amazing visuals, and a pretty gripping story.

14. 2001 maniacs- A "sequel" to the Hershel Gordon Lewis classic, this movie keeps the campy bloodthirsty spirit of the original.

15. Willard-This remake of a 1971 horror movie did not fare well at the box office despite the absolutely perfect casting of Crispin Glover as a social awkward man who befriends some rats. There's a scene set to music in which a cat is threatened by the rats that's absolutely flawlessly funny.

16. Cloverfield-This tribute to Godzilla set in NYC earned my undying love because the trailers offered very little insight into what was destroying NYC. In fact, the only clear shot of "the monster" is in the last 5 minutes of the movie. I do have a problem with a scene in the subway because no NYer in his/her right mind would turn and see WHAT THE FLOOD OF RATS WAS FLEEING FROM.

17.The Tripper-More bizarro fun, in this slasher the serial killer wears a Ronald Reagen mask while hacking up hippies at a tribute to Woodstock run by (wait for it) Paul Rubens!

18.28 Weeks Later-Robert Carlyle gives good zombie, and I love the end!

19.The Orphanage-Man, I never expected to cry watching a horror movie, but this movie is both horrific and touching. Beautifully shot.

20.Paranormal Activity-I gotta be honest this movie plugged DIRECTLY into a fear I had growing up. When I was 10 I was terrified of demonic possession, and I barely made it through this low budget but very effective thrillfest.

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