Bah Humbug!

I am currently 3 papers away from getting all my final papers done, then I have 22 reading logs to grade, by tomorrow at 11. After that I have 48 hours to grade 18 business writing finals and 25 literature finals and calculate final grades by Monday at 1.

Think it's easy? Not when you have sentences like the following:

Pangloss is not considered to be a friend rather is regarded more as a tutor but he has a big influence in him and even if they had their differences previously they were friends.

The whole paper is like that. I kid you not. My cat could crap a better sentence than that. As you can see here she is even less impressed than I am. (No camera can really capture the hatred emanating from this cat because it would shatter the lens so I have to get this side views. For the sake of all of us.)

Of course, because I'm not stressed enough I decided to bake today for a Christmas party I was invited to tomorrow. When the going gets tough, the tough procrastinate...and make spice cookies and brownies. (There were a lot more brownies earlier today, but ahem...they somehow vanished. Obviously there are brownie eating elves living under my bed. If only they graded papers I wouldn't mind so much.)

Those lovely spice cookies are courtesy of this lovely lady who brought a whole freakin' plate of them to Bakerina's party. I thought they were awesome and even went so far as to buy seasonal cookie stamps so that I could fully enjoy them.

Now do you understand why there have been no posts? But Sunday will be a lazy day of lolling and grading so that Monday will I will unleash a torrent of blogging upon you that shall make you all BEG FOR MERCY. But since I will be leaving for France on December 29th, you'll lots of time to read and enjoy.

And now back to the all nighter.

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Tis the Season

snow bunny
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Every year round this time I post my amazon wish list for my faithful readers lest they feel like sending me a nice pressie. I know it's self centered and materialistic and evil, but hey that's what being a Roman is all about. So here it is again My Wish List

It might seem like a lot of stuff, and, of course, it IS. But well, if I am decadent at least I'm decadent about French literary theory. That has to count for something.


(More Paris posts are on the way. I swear.)

A Treat So Nice, I Blogged It Twice

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Ragnvaieg, with whom I lunched on Saturday, along with Bakerina, took an awesome pic of the gingerbunnies. I thought she did them proper like. Even though this was my first foray to solo baking in quite some time, everyone seems to the love the gingerbunnies so there will be more for the holiday season.

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