Alien Ressurrection
The first solo effort of French directer Jean-Pierre Jeunet better known for his work with Marc Caro (Delicatessan and City of Lost Children). In this installment of the Alien franchise, Sigourney Weaver was supposed to make love to the Queen Alien. This is what happens when you allow the French to director a horror film, people. Luckily, someone stopped him and the scene is simply,uh disgustingly erotic and slimy.

Next trivia question:

While some consider him the King of Horror, his work has been behind some of the worst horror movies. This premise involves many key elements from his more popular novels-boys brought together by a traumatic childhood incident share psychic abilities, which they are meant to use to battle an alien menace.

Name the movie. 1 pt.

In the movie, what does Jason Lee use to fend off the alien menace? 3 pts.

How much did Stephen King sell the movie rights for? 2 pts

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