5 Days and $230
I have five days in order to reach my goal of raising 1000 dollars for blogathon, but here's the thing. I've pretty much run out of people I can harass for donations. And I'm even running out of bloggers to harass to post because my friends have donated, my blogger friends have posted. So first of all, to all of you a huge round of thanks for being fabulous wonderful people who reaffirm my faith that there is some decency left in humanity. (There is certainly none of that in my class room.) Unfortunately it also means that I don't know where these last dollars are going to come from.

Except shameless exploitation of my readership. If you haven't sponsored me yet, please do. If you already have, please harass the bloggers you know to post about my quest and email your friends. The more people who know, the more likely I will find donors to help me reach my goal. I promise you huge bags of gummy brains and popcorn flavored jelly bellys if you do. I've even been scouting for awesome prizes-and found some lovely, but horrible knick knacks that no horror hound should be without.

Oh and this last post was just a taste of what's to come tomorrow. Yeah baby red hot Parisian paramours. And honestly, if this last post got you hot you can't wait for the end of the Paris diaries. So help me to help you.

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