Writing About Sex by way of Eddie Monsoon
"I am not a cripple and I do not believe in self control." Eddie Monsoon

It's come to that point in the Paris diaries where I am going to have to write about sex. Now I've never written about how difficult it is for me to write sex scenes. Not just because I know quite a few people in real life who read these entries (Bakerina, the Doberman, the Office Elf....), but because these entries aren't about my internal life. They are brutally honest about things I've done. It's one thing to show your tits on screen for half a second for Girls Gone Really More Wild Than Ever, Snoop Dog Swears Part III. It's another thing to write about picking up a strange man with whom you don't share a common language and then standing him up because let's face it you didn't really want him for long walks in the Jardins de Luxembourg and philosophical conversations in the D'orsay. To write about it in such a way that your audience will suspend their moral judgement, I hope, and instead begin thinking about booking their own trip to Paris so that they can experiment with the hotel mirrors.

This is my way of saying that writing about sex is a difficult process for me so...be gentle.

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