The Real Fashion Police

I know I am in the middle of the Paris stories and that I rarely blog about news stories, but some times I come across a news article so important, so devatating, so revelatory that it promises to change my life from here on that I simply have to share it.

Delcambre Louisiana is going to fine people with sagging pants and exposed underwear 500 dollars. I'm amused by how this law might effect the show Cops. Perchance there will now be a Fashion Police show complete with very short pants around the ankles chase sequences.
Already there is criticism about the possibly racist overtones of such a law, but the mayor denies any racism claiming that "White people wear saggy pants too." I'm guessing next week they will also be banning the thong song as an incitement to violence.

All I know is that I am never going to Louisiana. Never.

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