Paris Diaries: I am at One with the Me that is on this Adventure
I decide to leave my old map and notes at home in my apartment. This is a new adventure.

On the plane ride I have plenty of time to ponder who was I last time I went to Paris? Am I different? Am I leaving for different reasons? Why am I doing this? Do I really want to go? Or am I still trying to please the ghosting image of an unappeasable man? And most importantly, am I fatter than I was last time?

The last time I went I discovered who I really was. I discovered myself.

"Who will I find this time?" I wonder.

I have as my travel companions Marv the Killer Rabbit and a slim literary analysis of the works of Franz Kafka. As far as I know, neither Marv nor Kafka have been to Paris before so it's an adventure for all of us.

There are, of course, no answers at this point. The only way to get this kind of knowledge is to go through the experience. And the experience starts as soon as I get off the airplane.

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