Paradise Regained: Paris Travelogue Returns

I woke up this morning and promptly dry heaved. Can I tell you how terrified I am of this trip? How unprepared? I won't be OK until I am in my hotel room. Then I'll be able to relax. But right now I am freakin' basket case. I have to spend today running around and calculating grades and packing. Because I was in denial about the trip, it wasn't until today I discovered that one needs to book a airport/hotel shuttle 24 hours in advance. And then there is the, dear lord, I get to my hotel at 10 pm-I hope they won't say "Oh we thought you weren't coming and gave away ALL our rooms." And the hotel isn't where I thought it was because je suis in grande idiote. But I can't do anything about that now, so I might as well run around and work on the things I can get done. Speaking of which I have to go back to campus to pick up the rest of my books. And have I mentioned that I have to calculate grades tonight.

And when did it become one o'clock? Crap.

If any of you believe in God, please ask him to give me a pleasant trip. And you know to give me his undivided attention for the next 24 hours. Then he go back to his bang up job of managing the rest of the universe.

By tomorrow at this time I will hopefully be on a plane bound to the City of Lights with a very large glass of vodka in my little mitt with Marv as my co-pilot.

So scared.

While I'm gone, you might want to review some of my past Paris posts. (The second trip is here with lots of details.)

That should keep you busy for ten days.

So freakin' scared. So scared.

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