I Disapprove of the Fact I Can't Give You The Finger

I can be as cute as the best of them
Originally uploaded by WelshTart.
Just to keep you entertained over the next few days here is another clearly disapproving rabbit I found on Flickr. I would like to hire him as my chief of security. Would YOU fuck with this guy? I think not. He might stick a carrot where the sun don't shine and I don't mean the ground.

I have a huge amount of work to do and not much time, and I'm making it worse by accepting dinner dates and visiting with old friends for drinkies so bloggidity goodness will probably be few and far between and then soon to Paris!

Last night I was a particularly bad bunni staying out late and barely getting my work done on time. Still, fun was had in the that depressive why am I doing this way of mine. Still scored me a date for tonight.

Interested yet?

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