I Ended Up in His Lap, But It Wasn't My Fault and other Country Western Hits

I should be doing work right now. I mean I've only graded 34 papers this weekend. I have another twenty to go before tomorrow's classes at 9 am. My last classes. I hate going to the last class sleep deprived. I'll still have papers to grade. Freshmen final papers and reading logs, journals, and then finals.

Just kill me.

But I thought before I go into the Great Sleep Deprived Beyond I would leave you with today's thought.

I was talking to Daddy Warbucks about he started a story with "I ended up in his lap, but it wasn't my fault." I thought, "That's the best country western song title I've ever heard." So while I go hibernate with papers a go go you can entertain yourselves writing the lyrics.

Oh and apparently I have a heart murmur. Who knew?

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