Know Thyself
I'm sick and totally, and I mean totally unprepared for tomorrow. You know, when I have to teach.

Yesterday I had to go to a birthday brunch for a person for whom I harbor some justifiable resentment towards since you know I introduced her to the guy she is currently in love with. ( You'll understand in a moment.) So the conversation of her friends, of course, inevitably turns to this man:

"So who is this new man in your involved?"

"Oh you know, just a guy."

"Do you, Bunni, know this boyfriend?"

Now here's what I could have said:

"You mean the guy I was on a dinner date with when I introduced her to him, and he then proceeded to use his concerns about my depression to hit on her in front of me. And she didn't even tell me that they have been dating for the last five months. I had to find out from a guy I barely know who is a regular at a restaurant I frequent. Otherwise I would have been totally blindsided by this revelation right now as she has been avoiding me since their introduction.Yep I think I've met him."

Here's what I did say:

"Yep, I was actually there when they met. I introduced them."

"Well thank you then for that."

"You're welcome."

Yep, I'm a far better woman than others give me credit for.

But let me say this-you want to steal a man, OK. That's not new. Lots of women do it. Can't say I approve, but hey you don't have to worry about my ethical system. If you do make this choice, however, you better commit to it. Don't do it and then try to act like it's not happening. Either embrace the choice you've made and at least have the decency to minimize the potential damage to others by being honest or realize if it makes you this uncomfortable maybe you shouldn't do it.

Is that really so much to ask?


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