Update on Grandmere Lapin
My grandmother is being discharged from the hospital today and my utterly useless relatives are going to help her over the weekend so my mother can go home and take of her house before returning to PA to deal with this whole mess. Why am I not there? Well I asked Mere Lapin several times if I should come up and she said no. Things seem to be OK, but she'll keep me on alert. But thank you for all your kind thoughts, and the next time something of this caliber happens this year I swear it's gonna be a male prostitute and martini jamboree at my place because I just can't take another craptacular moment this year.

So I'm off to meet Bakerina and cheat on Passover and have some rose chai and try and get back on track with the 17 pounds of work I have.

Until then I leave you with this lovely image of a German easter card from 1914. (Why are they on a teetertotter? Anyone? Freakin' goys are so wierd.)

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