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I've done this meme before. The rules are simple. Joe Flirt
has answered his five questions and asked those who want to participate by writing "interview me" in the comments section. I responded so now I have to answer the five questions he sent me. If you want to play, just write interview me in the comments field. I'll then send you five question the answers to which you post on your own blog.

Here we go

1. Do you prefer silky, lacy or cotton for your "unmentionables"?

It depends on what it's for. On an everyday level, I prefer zany underwear. I have a unique style of dressing that reflects my sense of humor, and I like my underwear to continue that. I have some Betsy Johnson cotton thongs my favorite has a mermaid with the slogan Man Bait written under it. I also have pink leopard print.

For more "serious" lingerie I prefer silk slips from the 40s-the cut and the style. It fits the femme fatale in me.

2. Has your mastery of language ever been a barrier where you couldn't be with a guy that was otherwise perfect, because he just "sounded" like an idiot?

For me, no, but I know the fear that I judge men on that level inhibits a lot of men when it comes to getting involved with me. But if you look at the men I've dated (truck drivers, artists, scientists) most of them had absolutely godawful grammar. Never really bothered me unless they wanted me to copy edit their work and didn't appreciate the level of work that takes. And that happens a lot more than I care to admit.

3. (Following up on number 2, sort of) If faced with the choice between the best lover ever and dumb as a box of rocks, or Mr. Incompetent in bed, but challenges you intellectually, who would you choose? Why?

Oh man awful choice. I want to hope I would pick the intellectual because you know one hopes you can teach him to be a more competent lover. Sex is a small part of life, important, but small. Being challenged intellectually that spans a whole lot more and makes life much richer. And generally a person who is intellectually challenging likes to be challenged as well. So hopefully he'll be up to some sex schoolin'.

But I'll be honest here, it's a VERY hard choice because I don't generally like rehabilitating bad lovers. If the guy was bad in bed, but a good kisser I'd make the sacrifice if he was special. If he was a bad kisser, he's out. Period.

4. What is it that draws you to horror films?

A lot of things. As a child I had to deal with a lot of horrible things-an insane alcoholic father, all my health issues, but my parents never wanted to talk about it and wanted me to "be brave" ie not talk about it and not act scared. Horror films were the one time I could express my fear and not "break the rules." It also allowed me to confront my fears and triumph over them giving me a feeling of control-a feeling desperately lacking when I was say going into a room full of med students at Boston Children's Hospital.

But also I had a sleeping disorder in rural CT. Which basically means watching tv alone at night a lot. And at that time it was a choice between porn and horror. I picked horror.

I think those are the two two big ones, but there are lots of smaller reasons too.
5. If you could pick one former lover you cast away, and take them back now... who would it be and why?

One I cast away? I haven't thrown that many away. Generally my problem is being too accepting. I can think of lots of guys I should have never dated or broken up with earlier, but for the ones I left, I can't think of one I would take back. Nope can't think of one.

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