He Meant it as a Compliment

My dear friend Size Queen, the queeniest queen on the upper east side, was chatting with me yesterday. To give you an idea of how queeny he is, not only does he have pictures of Elizabeth Taylor on his phone ("God makes one perfect woman every century. There's only one Liz Taylor."), but he once sucked 26 dicks in one afternoon ("It was the 70's, darling. Times were different then.") and one of his favorite past times is discussing what nationality has the largest schlongs (He's a particular fan on the Dutch).

As we chatted the other day, he said to me, "Honey you could make ANY man gay. You're like Donna Summer. You should have a glitter ball behind you all the time." Well it certainly would explain why I've had so much luck with gay men and not so much luck with straight ones.

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