Message in a Bottle
Last night was one of those nights. One of those nights that a constant intake of alcohol is necessary to keep me from completely melting down into tears. Which is not to say that the bottle of white wine that I drank kept me from crying. No. It just kept me from those overwhelming wracking sobs that spike my blood pressure, bring on migraines, and leave me with large puffy bags under my eyes for two days.

Of course, I didn't get the work done I was supposed to, but I wouldn't have even if I had the bottle of wine. Either was I was going to wake up this morning exhausted and underprepared. It was just a question of how upset I was going to get. I muted the upset a little. Hey at least I tried. And I did it without ending up at a bar on a school night OR having to call in sick.

It does mean that tonight I have to somehow in my exhaustion: finish 4 position papers
grade 25 lit. exams
calculate midterm grades for 59 students
prep for all three classes

And I don't even get to go away for vacation. Over spring break, I'll be working so much it won't seem like much of a vacation. I can only hope that I get stellar student evals, but right now I feel like I'm constantly unprepared and these students aren't learning a damn thing.

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