Is it hot in here?
As I was drafting questions for my literature course, I hit upon a question that really interests me. If you were to rewrite Dante's Inferno, how would you re-organize Hell and who would you place there? For example, is there a level for spammers? What about terrorists? What sins would you considered the mildest but still sin? Is gluttony still a sin? What about greed? Some of these sins really are no longer acknowledged (like simoniacs) what new sins take its place? Pop ups? What is the worst sin in the modern world? What figures would you use to represent these sins? Would Bill Gates end up being "bundled" for all eternity? Would Paris Hilton end up the pet of some demoniac chichuahua with three heads?

One thing I came up with is that in the seducers realm false promises would be replaced with those who break up via email, txt, im, voice mail, postcard, or radio phone in request. I'm not sure how they would be punished. Any ideas?

What does your Inferno look like?

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