I'm Actually Writing This Blog Post While He Is Talking
So this playwright, actor, how can this guy work in the arts and be so fucking boring guy hit on me yesterday at Rohr's. An attractive guy, I gave him the benefit of the doubt since my self esteems has been eating with the dirigibles lately.

Have I ever told you never to make decisions when you are depressed?

When you are depressed ever decision you make, calling in sick for example, should be decided by a majority vote of at least 3 members of a preselected panel.

My panel called in sick. All of them.

So he is talking-attractive guy, sexy voice, personality of sawdust over Nyquil. But I give him my number because remember the panel is MIA.

Now he's been talking to me for about 30 minutes. I'm blogging this as he's talking.

Anyone want to start betting on how long this is going to last?



subsequently, i called in sick this week to go to a job fair thingy. That was a total waste of my time.
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